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DMOZ Waste Of Time

March 29, 2012 by  
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DMOZ Waste Of Time

Are you presently hot to blogging or we only wish To submit a webpage to DMOZ? Fuggedaboutit, considering DMOZ will/has forget regarding we. Those who got inside DMOZ with Do-Follow protocol back-links are fortunate. Simply perform a Google look regarding DMOZ complaints plus you’ll find a path of difficulties. Especially regarding not seeing a sight inside DMOZ directory following years or not.

Listed below are a few testimonials about DMOZ

Surf Dude at Digital Forum says:

DMOZ Problems? – Here is the List

Flawed Concept
Idealism is wonderful – because lengthy because we understand which MONEY calls ALL the shots.
Volunteer modifying doesn’t function – merely like communism.
“To every according to his need, from every according to his ability.” Except which
Many are lazy, plus just became an editor to improve their own websites.
Many are corrupt, incredibly inside high-dollar regions – property, pharmacy, etc.
Many are self-interest kind pigs just, whom wish To grab all marbles.
Only PAID editors usually function – when they screw up, their income disappears. YEAH!
Right today, when they screw up – there are no financial consequences.
Google should discover another method to a directory, when they are doing 1 at all.
Relying on an outside, 3rd party website to create a Google directory is merely bizarre.
Not just are good-to-great websites omitted, however they are engendering webmaster hatred.
Right today, how much does Google pay dmoz for this service?
And to who?

Who is within charge?
There is an utter deficiency of control plus control.
So, there is NO RESPONSIBILITY to anyone, for anything.
Who do the meta editors report to?
AOL-Time Warner
… DMOZ Division President – WHO IS THIS? What’s his name? I WANT AN EMAIL ADDRESS.
…… Head of the DMOZ servers – WHO IS THIS?
……… Meta editors
………… Editors
Lack of Timely Internet Site Reviews
… MANY editors do nothing, following repairing their own websites.
… ZERO suggestions whatsoever to EVERYONE.
… Reports of website dumps – too numerous to review? Simply create them disappear.
Failure to incorporate fresh very qualified editors
… It’s an exclusive club – they are doing NOT like to share control with their competition.

Lack of Editor Oversight
Lack of editor review – Who reviews the editors?
Are the Editor Standards public? Why not?
Periodic editor reports? Who “volunteers” for this? How are they paid?
Accountable to NOBODY
Rudeness, pomposity, arrogance, messianic complex
I’ve tried to kiss a$$, however, it was usually the WRONG cheek. And constantly is.
GOD Complexes
One editor really had the audacity to recommend which I was spelling MY OWN NAME WRONG, plus he knew how it should be spelled. Spectregunner, receive someone else to kiss a a$$. I am NOT going to change my name, merely for we. Unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE. Judging by spectregunner’s website, phallus issues appear to be included. He MUST have the final word about everything (largest gun). He craves energy over anything else. How is it which the WORST POSSIBLE editors are approved? Is it considering it’s the worst editors that are doing the approvals?
Do not email these freaks. The verbal misuse doubles whenever nobody else will see it.

Editors that think which DMOZ is their own individual playground
Editors that sabotage their competition –
… They purposely screw up Titles
… They purposely screw up descriptions
… They purposely screw up base page URLs (.htm to .html, etc.)
Editors that accept income or favors for location –
Like the authorities inside Mexico – they are not paid much, plus are expected to compensate for it from extortion – ALWAYS have a twenty wrapped about the driver’s license, in the event you are the minimum bit perceptive.
Cronyism – Great Old Boy program
… We screw my competition, I’ll screw yours.

One meta-editor, jimnoble, didn’t even know DMOZ individual pages, plus BLAMED ME!
No aid here – he exists only to chastise, humiliate, obfuscate plus pontificate.

Read more about this article from Surf Dude at Digital Point Forums

Joost de Valk at says:

The DMOZ mob strikes again…

This weekend I was reading regarding Shoemoney being extorted with a DMOZ editor. I thought: heck, I’m a DMOZ editor, I don’t wish To be associated with stuff that way, let’s see when I will do anything to aid. So I posted anything that way inside the commentthread to the above mentioned post, plus I added a note to Shoemoney’s URL inside DMOZ asking why the URL was removed.

Now pay attention: inside 36 hours following doing which, my account was disabled!

I’d place very certain function into which account; I was modifying 9 categories at the time my account was disabled. I did NOT place all which work into it for several meta to come along plus ban me about sight whenever he sees anything he doesn’t like, without sending ANY e-mail or alternative notice.

If AOL is severe regarding wanting to better DMOZ, this will be a wise area to begin. For today, I’ll join the crowd of individuals suggesting Google could stop utilizing DMOZ. Needless to say there are editors whom a advantageous job, however these mob like practices create it impossible to function with as well as for.

Login removed screenshot
Screenshot of my DMOZ profile

Update: Having enjoyed a few of the conversation inside the DMOZ forums, it looks like I was banned considering I had BOOKMARKED, with all the easy cause of wanting to incorporate a note into it… My god.

Here’s the direct link to Joost de Valk post about DMOZ

Summary: DEEMOZ.ORG | DEEMOZ.COM an alternative to DMOZ
It looks everytime an business or firm gets too big — too quickly, they become snobbish.
If you’re inside directory, congratulations! If not, then don’t be surprise.

Don’t like DMOZ? Then express your opinion at:

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