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Blog Catalog Account Deactivation

March 29, 2012 by  
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Heated Discussion about Blogcatalog Account Deactivations and Other Issues

Blog Catalog Review Problem:

Don’t be surprise 1 day should you can’t logged back to the Blog Catalog account. All the pictures is gone! You’ll only see which ugly robot with all the rabbit ear antennas. Simply Google: The account has been deactivated website catalog. You’ll receive no cause are alert, you’ll receive the quiet treatment. It can be week, months or years before we receive a reaction.

If you try to reactivate you’ll receive a Not Found Page. Personally, I don’t like any Blog Catalog Staff Members/VIB Advertisers following me plus I certainly don’t care to adhere to them. It’s like the boss are supervisor viewing over we. I think in the event you don’t up-to-date the website inside over 3 month (as a result of personal/business problems), several staff associate that’s following you might choose deactivate it. But there are members who don’t have blogs at all, yet they nonetheless have accounts. Blog Catalog is possibly becoming snobbish like Google. That can cause a decline inside involvement of bloggers.

Ask oneself is value coming back beneath another account? No. If yes, test a theory too see when it receive deactivated again. If it does, than join again plus inform others. Personally, I might need to join again plus see what arises. Well, I did nevertheless beneath the same name with a quantity put into my consumer name, it moreover got deactivated. Next, I registered below a totally brand-new name without issue logging inside or out, yet whenever I tried to resubmit my blogs, the component claims “The URL you provided is already in use” yet in the event you a look about BC for a website we won’t discover it. It appears BC is a waste of time. It’s just advantageous till the moderators unexpectedly removed the website.

NEVER pay any fee at Blog Catalog! They takes the cash plus delete the account later (check the account for return of any cancellations). BLOG CATALOG SCAM! Especially when you’re a newcomer or have a niche website. They usually approve we within the beginning, then whenever a staff member/VIB begins following we, the account becomes deactivated. I’m glad a great deal of BC members noticed my blogs over time before he, TonyB began to appeared like a virus.

Below is a picture of staff member: TonyB

If he’s following you at BC, chances are your account will be deleted. Stop following him. Use Block List.

Ripoff Report – Don’t Let Them Get Away With It. Let The Truth Be Known!

Here are slew of problems from bloggers with Blog Catalog:

Using Legal Threats to Avoid Bad Publicity

One of the factors Berkman is struggling to silence writers is the fact that bad publicity is the last thing his business demands today. Blogcatalog is Berkman’s best webpage, a website directory site which Berkman plus Alaniz purchased inside 2007 for a reported $40,000 from The Bloggy Network. The website which, according to Berkman, when produced $400,000 yearly plus was getting 20 million visitors monthly has been accused by numerous of its members of breaking the consumer agreement terms plus conditions. Without before alert members have found their accounts deactivated due not to linking back to Blogcatalog, not adding the Blogcatalog widget to their blogs plus failing to consistently add content to their blogs. Whenever 1 blogger found her account deactivated she approached Berkman through Twitter to question why plus was merely told she was no longer acceptance at Blogcatalog.

If bloggers aren’t adding widgets plus hyperlinks plus contributing content daily, then there is not a financial bonus for Berkman to keep them. Blogcatalog is, naturally, free to employ however there is a fee paying ‘Very Important Blogger’ service priced at $20. Accusations which Berkman is just worried with fee paying members of Blogcatalog have been denied by Berkman plus Alaniz inside their normal ‘fool the public’ company way.

Read more about this article from Garry Crystal:

I lately tried to submit this website to website Catalog however, the account got deactivated.
I saw this stuff under. It appears they are doing it very a lot plus are a quite judgmental plus fickle crowd. It looks equally to have an account for a long time, imagine all which function inside submitting plus then they close the account! BEWARE before we waste a time here.

Read more about this article from Spam Share:

See what SPINSUCKS is suggesting regarding Blog Catalog.

Blog Catalog Alternatives with DoFollow:
Biz Sugar, Indi Blogger, BloKube, Blog Engage, MMO Social Networks,

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5 DoFollow Blogging Community Sites to Submit your Blog Posts

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2 Responses to “Blog Catalog Account Deactivation”
  1. Thanks for highlighting the problems with Blogcatalog. I know there are many unhappy bloggers out there who have aired their views on this company and the unfair business practices used by Tony Berkman. Anyone who does shut down their BC or Broowaha account or has it deactived should remember to delete any links to Berkman’s sites; Berkman won’t do this as it helps to keep their rankings up although his sites have been rapidly decreasing in popularity as word spreads about how BC is operating.


    • admin says:

      You’re welcome Garry. If anyone have a problem, they can rant on and jack up the comments at:

      Blog Catalog use to be good when I became a member in 2008, but every since TonyB appeared, it went down. It’s lower than dirt. Don’t leave any tears at BC. Just wipe the spit from your face. BC shame on you! That TonyB will follow you and hunt you down like some Terminator. He needs to be scraped. He makes Blog Catalog looks bad.

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